Chaise Lounges

Picture an old-school Hollywood starlet. Her hair and makeup has been done to the nines, and she's outfitted in a gown befitting the beauty and class of newly-minted movie royalty. No doubt this mental image includes her stretched out on a luxurious and sumptuous chaise lounge, a style of furnishing that has become synonymous with elegance and opulence.

At MODTEMPO, we pay tribute to that legacy by offering chaise lounges as gorgeous as any you'd find on Sunset Boulevard. Every one of our models is designed to allow you to bring a bit of classic style into your home - classic style paired with one of the most comfortable seats you've ever experienced.

That marriage between design and function is perhaps most clearly displayed by our  Jerry Chaise, the back of which has been expertly curved in order to provide an exceptionally comfortable spot for a mid-day snooze or a few hours with a good book. If your designs trend a bit more modern, you'll appreciate the glimpse into the future provided by the bold and innovative design of our  Ripple Chaise. Those who swear by straight lines and classic construction may instead prefer our Engage Chaise, which comes in both  right-arm and  left-arm varieties. No matter which chaise you choose, you'll be certain to settle on a piece that enhances the style of your space while providing an oasis of relaxation that you can visit at any time.


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