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Cubiyoo Table and Chair Set

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Product Overview

This table set was named the “Cubiyoo” because Cubi is the Latin word for cube, and ooh is what leaves customers’ mouths when they see this set.

The species of wood used in this particular table set is known as worm scarred and mineral stained maple. It is also known as ambrosia maple, because ambrosia beetles infest the maple trees and bring with them a fungus that discolors the wood – very interesting!  Some people refer to this wood as ghost maple because often, the beetle holes are situated side by side, and when this happens, the “eyes” within the stain make the stain resemble a ghost. The mineral staining happens when the tree brings up various minerals from the earth, which also discolors the wood.

This set is perfect for those small spaces with each chair fitting comfortably within the table like a puzzle piece. Other species of wood are available.

6, 8 and 10 chair table sets can also be custom ordered.

Finish Shown in Photo: Oiled effect, pre catalyzed, clear lacquer

Wood Species: Worm scarred and mineral stained maple – aka ambrosia maple

Product Dimensions:

Table: Height 30” | Width 40” x 40”

Chairs: 19” square | Back 35” tall | Arm 27” tall | Seat Height 18” | Seat 18” square


These products are made to order and require 4-6 weeks for shipping.

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