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Motion Chair

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Product Overview

Our award winning Motion Chair is a work of art, in addition to being an incredibly comfortable, durable modern piece of furniture. Handcrafted in Detroit, and made from sustainably grown & harvested plywood, the Motion Chair is formaldehyde-free. Because each Motion Chair is made-to-order (shown in birch finished with clear lacquer), it is available in a wide variety of custom colors and finishes.

The Motion Chair seems to be moving even when it’s sitting perfectly still. Made from 86 pieces of precisely cut Baltic birch, the Motion chair is as easy on the body as it is on the eye. The gently curving back gives ample support along the length of your body, while the rear-pitched front allows for easy rising.

Alan Kaniarz won the Grand Prize with this chair in a national design competition put on by States Industries of Eugene, Oregon, the makers of ApplePly brand plywood.

The chair pictured here is made of ApplePly and finished with a clear lacquer. As is the case with all of our furniture pieces, this chair can be stained and finished in a variety of colors.  We can also create a custom color, or custom match furniture you own.

Product Dimensions:
Height – 41″
Width – 20″
Depth – 37″
Seat Width – 20″


These products are made to order and require 4-6 weeks for shipping.

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